Purchasing Blood Donation Buses

01/12/2021 - 30/09/2022
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Even nowadays, they are often talked about giving donations, whether giving objects, giving dhamma, making merit as alms or forgive as alms but there is another very important alms which is often not brought to talk about it, that is Life-giving. People often understand that having to sacrifice my own life so that others could live, therefore it is not always considered that “donating blood is to give life a gift”. It can be seen that people who are sick and the symptoms are getting worse whether it is caused by an accident or any serious disease that causes the blood in the body to be lessen. But if he had a chance to receive even a single drop of blood may help him live in this world longer to do good deeds and make merit. He can continue doing things that would be beneficial to society and the world.

The National Blood Center at Thai Red Cross Society is the center for blood service, leukocyte stem cells and the country's blood service products to be sufficiently effective, having the highest quality and safety for blood donors and their patients with international standard which is responsible for the central blood supply (Bangkok district, Thailand). The 12 national blood service sectors oversee the region which operate a complete blood service in accordance with the same standards as the National Blood Center and branch hospitals nationwide.

As an aggressive supply of blood and facilitate blood donors In case that the organization does not have appropriate space or area, all work processes will be operated on the car. The blood service center therefore needed to organize a mobile unit by using a mobile blood donation bus. Because it can move easily and quickly without having to move and store things. In addition, some sectors of the blood service are under traveling restrictions in high landing or valley locations such as Chiang Mai, Phuket whereas inconvenience caused large mobile buses.

To facilitate blood donors and increase the potential for the national blood service sectors to supply more blood. Therefore, Blood Center is necessary to raise funds to provide a 4-bed mobile blood donation bus for 12 blood service sectors nationwide, totaling 4.5 million Baht each, totaling 54.0 million Baht for 12 buses.

The 4-bed mobile blood donation bus has to be specially prepared, consisting of the chassis, air conditioning, electricity, furniture, medical equipment fees. In-vehicle operating equipment such as scales and shakes, blood bags, blood freezers, in-vehicle medical equipment, etc.

Thai Red Cross Society by the Fundraising Bureau would like to invite you all charitable people to join in this social charity campaign to donate for a mobile blood donation bus purchasing. Hence, every drop of blood and every penny of your donation will be passed on to benefit underprivileged patients in urban and rural areas all over the country in a cost-effective, adequate and safe.