Research to Help Cancer Patients

03/05/2021 - 31/12/2021
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Currently, advances in cancer research. Making it known that there are many types of cancer. Many types can be divided into several sub-groups, leading to treatment methods. Targeted cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells and reduce the complications that will occur to the patient, resulting in a better quality of life.


Cancer is a real public health problem in Thailand with risk factors both inside and outside the patient's body, such as genetics or lifestyle of modern people, all of them accelerate the carcinogenicity almost entirely. At the same time, the current treatment still not very efficient and there can be a high rate of side effects. It is necessary to develop new innovations in the treatment of cancer to be most effective and suitable for each patient as possible. As known that many people would be afraid of cancer testing, afraid to find cancer, fear to know, fear to be and can't accept the truth. But the truth that doctors want to tell is people normally have cancer-causing genes in everyone. Nevertheless, how we choose to live to not change genes or cause cancer-causing. If detected early-Quickly diagnosed, the greater the chance of survival.

Therefore, research is the cornerstone of useful discoveries in preventative diagnosis, therapy, and improving the lives of many cancer patients without suffering and eventually pass away. But with the budget to develop research is very high and the donation income doesn't increase as it should, sometimes gain less, causing various operation problems which could not develop for further progress.

Thai Red Cross Society honorly invites you all charitable donors and sponsors to support our mission and social development operations for helping fellow humans. Not only saving a person's life from suffering sickness but the merit-making that happens also has meaning for many more lives to having happiness and having better quality of life.

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