Bone and Tendon Transplantation

15/11/2021 - 30/06/2022
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Nowadays, medical science has progressed even more It can develop and innovate, that is, the transplantation of deceased tissues such as heart valves, skin, bones and ligaments to patients who have lost their organs to continue their lives to have a better quality of life.

With the Thai Red Cross Society, Organ Donation Center and related agencies, we realize a better quality of life for bone and tendon transplant patients. Therefore, the production of bone and tendon products has been developed to help bone and tendon patients to receive free transplants. Because the bones and ligaments of the deceased can be made into various products for use in the treatment of bone cancer patients, bone tumors and people who have been in accidents from playing sports until the bone or ligament is missing, it can't be fully used again.

Thai Red Cross Society by Organ Donation Center always ready to help "Relief Suffering, Nourish Happiness, Cure Disease, Eliminate Dangers" would like to invite you to be a part of the project “Bone and Ligament Transplantation for the Underprivileged” to help fellow human beings who need help from the Thai Red Cross Society. The development of bone and tendon products will not be able to serve the growing demand, If, Lack of mercy from those who have a charitable contribution to support the operation of the Thai Red Cross Society to achieve its objectives. 

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