COVID-19 Assistance to the Elderly

03/05/2021 - 30/04/2022
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Despite advances in medicine and technology makes us live longer but that does not mean that the chronic disease rate among the elderly with disabilities will be lower.

At present, Thailand has an increasing number of elderly people. At the same time, the number of seniors who are limited in daily activities (at home) and those who are dependent (bed) are unable to help themselves, known as there are more "vulnerable people" as well. The duty of caring for these patients is mostly heavy on the patient's family members. It was a time-consuming, tiring work that caused high tension. When this condition occurs, the patient may be at risk of injury, or accidentally abandoned. Hence, there is an urgent need to aid this vulnerable group, and some of them are the poor and the homeless.

'Vulnerable Groups', or otherwise discriminated populations, are the most frequently violated of human rights in society, and in some cases, government services cannot be accessed for various reasons or even system failures. Therefore, the patient is stuck in bed, home-bound patients, the disabled, the elderly, and those who are unable to help themselves may be forgotten by society or those around them, making it one of the most vulnerable groups in need of support and one of the first priority support from society.

Thai Red Cross Society, as a humanitarian charity organization, realizes the importance and urgency of this issue. Therefore, together with the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, National Economic and Social Development Council and network agencies in the area to prepare "Home visit project for all vulnerable people in all villages across the country" to survey and coordinate the address of 'vulnerable groups' through the application" PhonPhai (safe escape)" and give "The Essential Kit for the elderly in bed " to provide initial assistance to a group of vulnerable people who are impoverished and defenseless continuously for database information to provide assistance both in normal times and in times of disasters. This is an important opportunity for Thai Red Cross Society and related network agencies to gain timely access to the 'vulnerable', especially the poor, completely defenseless, everyone, every village.

Thai Red Cross Society by the Fundraising Bureau is inviting all charitable donors to take part in delivering help to the 'vulnerable' groups, especially the poor in every village. This assistance could not be achieved without all 600,000 vulnerable people in every village be help and healed from the charitable donors/sponsorship. Come to be part of Thai Red Cross Society’s fundraising campaign to urgently funding support and give "Essential Care Set for the Elderly in Bed".

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